The Chiropractic Research Council (CRC) was established in 2013 to provide leadership and unity in chiropractic research. The CRC aims to increase the chiropractic evidence base by promoting research, increasing the research capacity and supporting researchers. It will also raise the profile of research relevant to the practice of chiropractic.

The CRC is concerned with advancing chiropractic research for the benefit of patients. It does this by educating chiropractors and the public and by promoting and protecting the biopsychosocial health of sufferers of musculoskeletal conditions.

The CRC was registered with the Charity Commission on 12 April 2013 (registration number 1151627.

Vision statement
Empowering chiropractors and their patients through research and education.

Primary functions of the CRC
1. Strategic leadership: to lead and facilitate chiropractic research development in the UK, including developing a comprehensive and cohesive research strategy providing both direction and coordination of chiropractic research.

2. Advocacy: representing the profession on matters relating to the chiropractic evidence base and research development. Acting on behalf of the profession, in a research context, to the media, the public and patients, policy-makers, the inter-professional research community, other health professions and healthcare regulators.

3. Research education: to provide a forum for the chiropractic educational institutions through which to forge consistent standards in research governance, to share expertise, achieve economies of scale, and foster undergraduate and postgraduate research collaboration. To promote research capacity and scholarship.

4. Information resource: to provide chiropractors, the public and patients, healthcare professionals, and the research and academic community with a recognised, high quality and accessible resource of research-related information concerning the distinctive body of knowledge within chiropractic practice.

5. Liaison and promotion: to improve awareness of chiropractic research development amongst chiropractors and the wider community. To establish links and build networks within the research fraternity, nationally and internationally, with a view to development through collaboration. To formulate and foster strategies for attracting funding for chiropractic research development.

6. Research Governance: to provide systems relevant for grants governance and research governance for the benefit of all stakeholders.

7. Knowledge Transfer: to foster and disseminate outputs from chiropractic audit, evaluation, and research activities via, for example, an annual research conference.

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