In judging the applications, the Scientific Committee is asked to consider the following points and you may wish to specifically address these in your application:

Will the project provide new insights into the subject area?
Would the project be valuable in confirming the results of existing studies?

Importance (clinical or otherwise) of the work
Is the subject area already receiving much attention i.e. is further support warranted?
Will the project significantly contribute to furthering knowledge in this field?
Will the project ultimately benefit patient care?

Scientific reliability
Is the project well designed?
Are the methods outlined appropriate to achieve the objective?
Is the sample size justified i.e. not too small to answer the question, or too large, wasting resources?
Is the use of controls appropriate?
Are supporting references up to date and relevant?

Experience of applicant, facilities and support
Is the applicant sufficiently experienced and qualified to carry out the study?
Is the applicant’s department, work setting or level of supervision of a high enough calibre to support the project adequately?

Appropriate use of funds
Will the supplies or services for which funding is requested provide a valuable contribution to the project? Is the funding requested appropriate for the supplies or services detailed i.e. has the applicant given an accurate quotation or realistic estimate?
Has the applicant sourced funding from other sources, or considered co-funding of a project to spread costs?
Is completion of the project dependent on the applicant securing funds from other sources?
Would funding for this project be available from non-voluntary sources?

Important information
CRC research grants are not available for the funding of undergraduate education, postgraduate education involving taught programmes (eg. Masters courses), overseas education or training, solely for travel or accommodation expenses or for the purchase of computer hardware.

CRC research grants will also only fund the direct research costs of the research project and are not available for any overheads, estates costs or indirect costs.

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