Members of the UK’s largest chiropractic organisation, the British Chiropractic Association, have demonstrated their commitment to supporting research with the nation’s first charity dedicated to supporting research into chiropractic care.

Since the charity was established in 2013, BCA members have contributed well over £300,000, which will be used to support research that will benefit the care of patients and the public.

Now the charity is ready to start distributing funds to research bodies that apply to the charity and demonstrate that their research proposals fulfil the criteria of helping patients suffering with back, neck and joint pain.

CRC Chair of Trustees Richard Brown said, “We are incredibly grateful to the BCA for supporting the founding of this charity. The funds raised will be put to good use in tackling the burden of disease caused by musculoskeletal pain and will help chiropractors to deliver ever-better care for their patients.”

The charity is looking forward to receiving applications for funding from a range of sources and particularly welcomes applications that involve collaboration between groups of researchers in different disciplines.

“Although this is the Chiropractic Research Council, research into the treatments typically provided by chiropractors, such as spinal manipulation, may be performed by different groups. The CRC is all about benefiting chiropractic patients and the wider public. Spinal pain is an epidemic but rarely attracts the attention that other conditions do. The BCA has shown commitment and initiative in helping to launch this charity.”
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