The Chiropractic Research Council has launched its call for applications and will commence distribution of funding for research during the course of 2015.

Founded in 2013, the CRC has been working to develop its infrastructure and build funds, which have primarily come from levies on the membership of the British Chiropractic Association

Those involved with developing the charity have volunteered their time, minimising overheads and maximising the funds that will be directed into research.

Applications for funding will be assessed by a Scientific Committee that is made up of leading researchers from Denmark, Sweden and Canada.

Chair of Trustees, Richard Brown, said of the call for applications, “It has taken some time to develop the infrastructure of the CRC in order that we have a solid base upon which to assure the sustainability of the charity. Until such time that a fund of some magnitude had been established, it was unwise to commence the distribution of funding. Now we have everything in place we can look forward to supporting a range of projects.”

Details of how to apply for funds can be found on the CRC website at