PERC Internship 2018

It’s only just over a month since new WIOC chiropractic graduates, Anna Maria F Holmberg and James Oldham, started on the Programme for Early Researchers in Chiropractic summer internship.

Here Anna Maria updates us on all that she’s been up to over the past few weeks, and describes the benefits of working within a multidisciplinary, collaborative team, networking with other MSK graduates and researchers at other institutions:

            “4th of July was the first day of the PERC Internship, spent at the University of Southampton, meeting the other interns for the first time (students and graduates of medicine, podiatry, chiropractic, nursing and occupational therapy). An intern from last year talked about her experience of the program, which made us all very eager to get started and get to know each other. The Southampton team gave us more of an understanding on how the research fits within the aims of Arthritis Research UK, and how important patient/public involvement is, in musculoskeletal health research.

            Every week we have visited a new University; Southampton, Oxford, Leeds, Loughborough and Nottingham. It has been helpful having work shops and lectures on statistics, and guidance on how to analyse/critique and write papers. On every visit, we have been shown all the facilities of the universities, and what further education options within research they have to offer, which has opened up doors I didn’t know existed. The Professors and PhD students have given presentations on previous and ongoing research at the universities, and given us a glimpse of their personal experience with research and how they ended up doing what they do. In Nottingham we all did a powerpoint presentation each on ourselves and our project, which also was a nice experience.

In the end of August, we have our last day together in Bath, where we are presenting our paper. My project is a quantitative content analysis on Chiropractic Research Capacity in the UK. The paper will cover research done by UK authors, or UK co-authors, going 10 years back in time; 2008-2010. All chiropractic journals will be utilised for data collection.

We want to establish where chiropractic research in the UK are at present, and what areas are in more need of research than others. This way it may be clearer to see what areas of research should be prioritised, also for funding etc. At the moment I am collecting data, going through each and every journal.

It has been a blast getting new friends from other professions and other countries. We all have got a better understanding of each others line of work and what we actually do. There have been many good discussions on similarities and differences between the professions, about health in general, patients, the need of research, and possible further education opportunities.”

The CRC is delighted to be funding this initiative, supporting and developing future chiropractic researchers in a multidisciplinary healthcare setting. We look forward to seeing the results of Anna Maria’s study, assessing the baseline research capacity of the UK chiropractic profession, and sees this initiative as one way that we can help it to develop.