The Chiropractic Research Council (CRC) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Dave Newell to the position of Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences (PCPS), Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton.

This unique opportunity arose through the development of established links between the CRC, the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) and the Primary Care Research Group at University of Southampton (UoS). The existing research links between AECC and UoS were instrumental in the writing of a proposal for CRC funding which was submitted to the Faculty of Medicine in early Autumn 2015.

CRC Chair of Trustees Elisabeth Angier commented: “This exciting initiative will help to significantly develop the UK chiropractic research capacity in the medium to long term, and aims to establish a cadre of researchers with appropriate skills and experience to launch an impactful program of research relevant to the chiropractic profession over the next five years.

Dave will join a research group at UoS that has a longstanding and influential national and international reputation in primary-care research, with impressive results in the higher education Research Excellence Framework exercise, and influential collaborations with many other universities, including Oxford and Keele. The unit is also supported by funding streams from within UK Primary Care including substantial National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) grants. This expertise offers us multidisciplinary, collaborative research and funding opportunities to springboard high quality research capacity in the UK, considerably more so than the CRC could have achieved by funding individual projects alone.”

Following a rigorous recruitment and interview process, conducted by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton, Dave Newell will commence as a Senior Research Fellow for 2 days a week in September 2017. He will continue in his role as Research Director at AECC, enabling unique collaborative research opportunities between the chiropractic profession and the wider healthcare research and primary care community. The initiative will also allow for the recruitment of two PhD students over a period of 5 years, with CRC funding contributing towards employment costs and tuition fees. CRC and AECC will be involved in the recruitment process and will contribute to the approval of research projects. This will help ensure that any proposed research is congruent with the aims of the chiropractic profession, with a goal to ultimately build a sustainable and growing research capacity being of benefit to chiropractic patients and the general public.

(courtesy of Øistein Holm Haagensen)

Dr Dave Newell speaking at ECU Convention 2017, Cyprus

Working within the highly prestigious University of Southampton’s Primary Care and Population Sciences Department will facilitate the opportunity to contribute to, and ultimately lead, future multidisciplinary collaborations as well as providing opportunities to be part of large grant applications. To fulfil one of the CRC’s goals of building long term research capacity, an association with a high quality primary care research team will provide credibility, impact and potential for future joint grant and fellowship applications. The CRC sees this initiative as beginning of a long-term research initiative that will make a significant contribution to chiropractic patient care and the development of enhanced evidence-based care in the wider context of healthcare in the UK.